Agreement With Ipps In Choppy Waters

He explained that the mandate of the technical committee, headed by the Prime Minister`s special assistant for Shahzad Qasim`s power department, which was held responsible for the IPPs, was very comprehensive and was intended to advise almost all elements of the tariffs signed under the electricity purchase contracts. ISLAMABAD: Serious differences have emerged between independent electricity producers (IPPs) following the signing of their Memorandums of Understanding with a government negotiating committee on tariff reductions. The government signed a new contract with Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on Friday to reduce the cost of electricity generation and reduce circular debt. ISLAMABAD: Information and Radio Minister Shibli Faraz said Saturday that the new agreement with independent electricity producers (IPPs) would allow the government to buy cheap electricity from private companies and provide electricity at lower prices to end consumers. According to The News, PM Imran said he wanted to share the good news that a deal with IPPs would benefit the industry`s electricity price and also benefit individuals. In the past, he said, costly agreements have been made with IPPs that weigh heavily on people. The net result of these profit-hiding practices, the source said, was that some IPPs with very large amounts of „profit surpluses“ were shown from Rs14 to Rs17 billion, while others were shown with zero profits. Asked why his company agreed to sign the Protocol, when it had reservations about transferring the accounts to Nepra to see if „excess profits“ had been made or not, the source simply said, „We were under enormous pressure.“ It recently said an agreement for the production of 100 megawatts from solar power was colored with a company and under that agreement, the cost per unit of electricity would be only 3.7 cents. „In the past, the cost of solar energy was 18 cents per unit,“ he said. „Not only must PPIs meet the limit imposed by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), but savings must be shared with the government,“ he said, adding that this would help reduce electricity costs. And yet progress is still being made towards these predictions.

Of course, the power of the wind at sea varies depending on the strength of the wind. Compared to photovoltaic and onshore solar winds, however, its variability is lower and fluctuates within a narrower band. „The answer comes from the technologies we have used in oil and gas and stories that can tell us that there is no need to climb the wind turbine itself. If you can create a digital twin of your asset, in which case a wind farm instead of an offshore facility, you can complete some of the analysis without reducing it. This will raise money, while reducing the cost of sending people to remote locations to access them unnecessarily. Six OTHER wind energy PPIs will sign the agreement on Monday, sources said, adding that these electricity producers come from the private, government and Chinese sectors of Pakistan`s economic corridor. Similarly, Shahzad Qasim pointed out that one of the most important steps taken in the recent agreement (MOU) with IPPs is that fuel efficiency tests are carried out by the facilities and that their results are shared with the electrical energy regulator.