Bob Signed An Agreement With Joe

Billy-Ray Joe-Bob (BRJB) is an excellent hunter. It hunts all the time, no matter the Missouri season. A lawyer in the big city has trouble chasing a turkey sandwich in a delicatessen. The law firm commissioned him to organize a retreat in Missouri, where several of the partners enjoy hunting deer. Von took a trip to Missouri to explore the possibilities, and met Billy-Ray-Joe-Bob at Bud`s Place, the local carpet tavern-bait-boutique-lot lot-linen. They talked about the fact that the company hired Billy-Ray Joe-Bob as a guide for the hunt. They laughed at the idea, as it would be a fun mating of Billy-Ray-Joe-Bob and a bunch of municipal lawyers. He says, „Yes, and we could pay you $400 an hour so you can guide us, ha, ha, ha.“ Billy-Ray-Joe-Bob said, „I bet you wouldn`t.“ Answer by saying: „Oh yes, we are going, here… And Von writes on a towel: „The Sullivan law firm will pay Billy-Ray Joe-Bob $400 an hour and 8 hours a day to be a hunting guide for the company`s retirement from November 25-30. Laughing and said, „You see, you`re going here,“ and handed the signed towel to Billy-Ray Joe-Bob. Billy-Ray-Joe-Bob says, „Great, you`re here!“ THE CONSEQUENCES 2020 – „Trump Escalates Gratuitous Attacks on Elections with 46-Minute Video Tirade,“ WaPo`s Phil Rucker: „President Trump stepped up his attack on democracy from the White House and on Wednesday distributed an astonishing 46-minute video tirade, full of baseless accusations of voter fraud and open untruths claiming that the country`s electoral system was „subject to coordinated attacks and sieges“ and argued that it is „statistically impossible“ for him, against President-elect Joe Biden.

„Behind the president`s desk in the diplomatic reception room and flanked by the flags of his office and the country whose constitution he was sworn in, Trump tried to use the power of the presidency to undermine the vote and overturn the election results. The broad and bellicose monologue — which Trump said was „perhaps the most important speech I`ve ever made“ and that it was delivered right in front of the camera without an audience — underscored his desperation to reverse the outcome of his election defeat after a month of failed legal challenges and since some key states have already confirmed Biden`s victory. By Matt Zapotosky, Josh Dawsey and Devlin Barrett of WaPo: „On Wednesday, President Trump stood by with Attorney General William P. Barr, a senior administration official suggesting there was a chance of getting fired, and not just for his public comments that undermined Trump`s unspeaked claims about voter fraud. but also for actions he did not take in an investigation into the 2016 FBI investigation into the Trump campaign. „The Agency also announced new guidelines to reduce recommended quarantines after close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. The agency said the risk of a shorter quarantine was low, but the change makes it less difficult to follow the instructions. „BUSINESS BURST — `China has a powerful friend in the United States: Wall Street,` by WSJS Lingling Wei, Bob Davis and Dawn Lim: „American currencymen have long taken a special place in Beijing`s corridors of power, but until now, their companies didn`t have much to show. The Trump administration has attempted to „decouple“ parts of the two economies, a direction that President-elect Joe Biden would struggle to reverse and take.