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After the expiry of the term of the contract pursuant to Article 2 of this contract letter, THE SECOND PARTY immediately empties the house and hands it over to ERSTE PARTY and has fulfilled all obligations under this Agreement, unless both parties agree to rewrite the lease. (4) The rental period is respected in accordance with Table 5 (a) Table 1. Otherwise, this agreement would be overturned and Parliament would be entitled to all basic deposits and equipment. The host is also automatically entitled to the premise. For tenants or landlords looking for examples of lease letters, you can download them here. Click here to download an example of a rental letter from Lamudi`s house: 7.5 Confirm, that the host has a house or representative after entering the premise three (3) days before the announcement at an affordable time or by mutual agreement through an appointment, and the condition of the establishment in which the host has the right to provide the tenant with a written notification to inform the tenant of the work of the reform that must be carried out and to ask the tenant to carry it out. And if the tenant does not perform within fourteen (14) days after termination, then the host has a common house or not with the reformer has the right to enter the premise and do the work of the reform and all costs of the Reformation are agreed by both parties. 4 d. BOTH PARTIES are required to maintain and maintain the situation in order to remain in good condition, including maintaining cleanliness and environmental sustainability, including maintaining cleanliness and environmental sustainability, as well as public interest institutions. Article 5 RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS During the duration of this lease, BOTH PARTIES is not authorized: a. transfer or transfer of lease rights of this contract, in whole or in part to third parties. B. Use the house for purposes other than those agreed in this Agreement, unless it has obtained written permission from THE FIRST PARTY.

c. Make other buildings, well drilling or other excavations around the house without the written permission of THE FIRST FEST. d. Change the structure and installation of the house without the permission and approval of the FIRST FEST. What is meant by structure is a building system that supports the layout of the house, such as: foundations, beams, columns, floors and walls. Article 6 DAMAGE AND NATURAL DISASTERS a. Damage to the structure of the house due to full use is the responsibility of the SECOND PARTY. b. THE SECOND PARTY is exempt from any compensation or claim of the FIRST PARTY due to damage caused to the building by force majeure. Force majeure means natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, lightning strikes, hurricanes and fires caused by external factors that affect the continuity of this agreement. 2.

riots, riots, rebellions and wars. Article 7 TERMES OF THE TERMINATION OF THE TERMINATION OF BOTH PARTIES MAY SEVER THE LEASE BEFORE the duration of this contract expires with the terms: a. Before the term of the contract expires, first indicate the service to the first part in writing [(Time in letters)] days/months .B. Have paid all invoices or accounts as well as other fees for their use.c. Not authorized to claim a rent refund for the non-implemented rental period. 3 So are also the tenants of the house, who do not want to be deceived by the deposit or the duration of the house by the owner. For those of you who wish to buy a house next year, there are several state assistance schemes that are available to you, including: The rental agreement is a contract that can be concluded between the host and your tenant (the tenant) so that all rules, conditions or responsibilities are respected and the clauses of the tenancy agreement must be respected by the tenant.