Dual Admission Agreement

If you are interested in dual admission, you should complete an intention form early in your university career. Many institutions require students to announce their intention to participate before they have more than 30 university degrees. To submit an intent form, log in to MyCCP and find „Transfer/Dual Admissions“ at the top right of the MyGPS tab. You should meet with a university advisor to get help identifying the corresponding courses at the university in order to join the program of your choice. To qualify, you must sign a dual admission form if you subscribe to a certain number of university credits. Each four-year school has different requirements, so make sure you read about each agreement before signing. Since these agreements are intended to provide additional opportunities for students who commit at an early stage to the transfer of a particular university, you may only have a dual active admission agreement. For more information about Paces Transfer Agreement Pathways, see: www.pace.edu/admissions-aid/undergraduate-admissions/transfer/transfer-agreements and scroll through Westchester Community College. (3) At the time of this agreement, a cumulative MPA of at least 2.75 for Drexel must be maintained for the maintenance of a scholarship; this standard is reviewed annually before the fall period. 4. All performance scholarships are applied during teaching conditions and are not applied while students are co-opted.

Students must maintain full-time status, have a good academic reputation and obtain a university MPA as verified each year prior to the fall semester. The university GPA is published annually and is currenfly 2.75. While alternating admission agreements can make it easier to get to school by four years and reduce the total cost of a license, these agreements are not your only transfer options. Students are encouraged to start planning at an early stage. 2. Dual admission students who pass to Drexel under this agreement are entitled to additional federal, regional and institutional assistance, frozen, based on needs and/or salaries, when transferred to Drexel. By simultaneously applying to the RACC and one of our four-year partner schools through one of our alternating admissions contracts, you can maximize the portability of your courses and a smoother transition to your four-year school.