Employee Health Reporting Agreement Dane County

There is a facial coverage warrant in Dane County. Each person (5 years or older) must wear a face blanket on their nose and mouth in our restaurant, unless they are sitting at their table. We ask customers to wear face blankets until they receive their first drink or food. Outdoor dining, sidewalk rack and delivery are available if you can`t wear a mask. Thank you for respecting the safety of other customers and our employees! There will be hand sanitizers for customers and in all staff workplaces. Workstations are modulated for employees and we limit the number of workers present to nothing more than necessary to manage our restaurant safely. All employees are screened for illness every day upon arrival at work, including fever screening with a time thermometer. Our employees sign a health report contract that requires them to self-check for COVID 19 symptoms before work and to stay home if they have SYMPTOMS of COVID 19 or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed covid 19 diagnosis. We have one employee in particular who is scheduled during business hours to clean and disinfect the premises of customers and employees.

This person constantly cleans high-key surfaces throughout the day, including tables, chairs, all toilet doors and surfaces, door knobs, handles, keyboards, registers, touch screens, credit card readers and pens. When reviewing an inspection report, please note that the current condition of the facility may differ from the practices reported during the last inspection. Violations are identified as one of three categories of importance: Farmers` Markets Contact with Farm Animals Contact with Restroom Contact We have a plan for cleaning and disinfection in case of a POSITIVE COVID-19 case in our restaurant and will comply with all Policies/Requirements of Madison &Dane County and CDC Public Health. Anyone who serves or sells any kind of food on campus needs permission from EOH and risk management. Some types of food are excluded, please read the „Temporary Food Service Policy“ for more information. If you are not sure if your event requires authorization, please fill out a request on the EOH website and our staff will contact you. Do not eat with us if you currently have a fever, cough or shortness of breath or if you contact someone who is positive for COVID 19. Please use the correct sneeze and cough label. Organizers will receive an authorization email with further instructions. Among the resources of the event are: employees are still required to wear masks during work. We require that you wear a mask when entering our restaurant and whenever you are not seated at a dining table.

We ask that you do not wear gloves in our restaurant. To learn more about the risks of using gloves in public places, click here. Hand sanitizers and Kleenex are available to guests in our dining room. Our toilets will be fully equipped with hand washing accessories. A temporary food stand is a place where dishes are prepared, handled and/or sold in association with a special event, sales promotion, festival or public exhibition. ** All temporary authorizations for food events are suspended and new authorizations will only be issued on the basis of COVID-19.** Request here a temporary authorization for food events, if available. We arranged our seating plan so that there were 6 feet between the tables and parties at the bar. Some bar/counter tables and seats are not sold by safety distance between customer groups. EH&S promotes food safety and contributes to the prevention of food-related illnesses related to UW Madison facilities and campus events through licensing, inspections, assistance in the investigation of complaints, guidelines, instructions and training. . . .