Employee Use Of Company Equipment Agreement

I understand that this equipment belongs to the company and that I use it for professional purposes. I understand that I am responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the aircraft. In the event that the equipment is damaged, lost, stolen outside the offices, I will be responsible for its replacement costs. If the equipment breaks due to wear, I will have it checked as soon as possible with the company`s technical department. Mark uses the computer to perform his tasks. Again and again, Mark will use his break time to play games on the computer. You`ve never seen him play video games at the time of the company, and that doesn`t seem to affect his work or that of other employees. You tell Mark to stop? Another possible strategy would be to ask the phone company to break down phone bills by expanding if your phones are all under the same number. Managing staff information is important, but it`s easy to get lost in paperwork.

Organize your human resources better and save time with JotForm! Simply customize your online form with one of our PDF templates to digitally collect information about employees, break requests, employee evaluations and more. Submissions are immediately converted to secure PDFs, which you can download, print or share on any device – perfect for displaying employee information on the go. How is a device paid for or paid if a device is damaged or lost? Decide whether the company should pay these fees or if they are deducted from the employee`s salary and whether the person paying only part of it. If you want to determine if the damage is accidental or negligent, you should be aware of how you judge this in this section. Your agreement on the use of your equipment should include the procedure for notifying technical problems, damage or theft of the device, including contact point contact details and possible margins and notification times. If an employee does not follow the agreement and physically damages the device or causes a security breach, you should explain the consequences so that employees know what to expect. Whether you choose a BYOD contract or a corporate equipment contract, make sure your policy is well thought out. This will allow your staff to understand what is expected of them, and the directive will be successful.