Ex Tenancy Agreement

If the name is available as an authorized occupant or only as a spouse, partner or family member of the tenant, it does not mean anything for the lease (we will later access the family rights). All that matters right now is who the designated tenant is. If you have a fixed-term contract (for example. B for 6 or 12 months), you must both agree to leave your early rental. If you both agree, you can either: you may want to share the responsibilities of your lease with someone who lives with you and apply for a joint lease. If your landlord approves your joint tenancy application, all tenants must sign the lease. An isolated lease – there is a tenant, no matter how many other people are tenants „on the lease“. If you are married or in a life partnership, you both have „domestic rights“. This means that you can stay in your home, even if you don`t own it or aren`t mentioned in the rental agreement. You should only move permanently if your marriage or life partnership ends or if a court orders you to do so – for example as part of your divorce. Your ex can`t just be „removed from the rental.“