Hart Full Funding Grant Agreement

The Fellow should submit to their FTA Regional Office their request for an annual increase in funding, as well as any applications for financial assistance necessary to update their initial application and support a new allocation of federal funds. This increase is treated as a grant change in the FTA`s electronic management and allocation system, TEAM Web. Chapter IV of the present circular describes the procedures for using TEAM Web to solicit funds and make changes to the approved project budget and control amounts. This revised guide describes the FTA procedures for developing and implementing an FFGA. It describes the ffga requirements, standard conditions, analysis and supporting documentation, and the roles and responsibilities of FTAs and fellows in preparing the agreement. The guide also looks at New Starts` project planning and development process, which generates significant investments in transit capital, and summarizes the FTA`s expectations for determining the „availability“ of projects that are candidates for completion of an FFGA. Indeed, as shown by strong cost of capital estimates, firm local financing commitments and a strong project management team, project availability is a key factor in ffga`s success in achieving the expected result. As these guidelines make clear, the FTA will apply these principles in such a way as to ensure the Confederation`s optimal investment in major capital transit projects that best meet local objectives in terms of mobility, clean air, community development and quality of life. As part of its documents, the applicant must inform the FTA of the number of agreements required for the project and the status of negotiations for these agreements before the FTA can award an FFGA. In addition, the ESTV will examine whether the uncertainties associated with the relocation of utilities can have a significant impact on the estimated cost of the project or on the local financial obligation to complete the project. In this case, the ESTV may require that negotiations be concluded before the FTA awards the FFGA. .

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