Lease Agreement In Greek

Below you will find the appropriate electronic procedure, after the date of the sign of an HLA: we signed a rent of two years, but we want to leave after one year, because we can no longer afford to live here, and our health has deteriorated. The lease was not stamped by the IRS, it was written only by the real estate agent. Can they force us to pay for the second year, can they take legal action against us? Any consultation, thank you From January 1, 2014, every action concerning home rental contracts will be carried out electronically. Corporate Relocations Assistance For your information, please, that our company can help on the above in: -Create an online account in the name of the tenant on the official website of the Ministry of Finance by entering the tenant`s tax registration number -apply for the identification of personal keys personal codes – visit the relevant tax authority to get the codes mentioned above – Electronically accept the first rental contract or renewal or renewal i.e., watchword, etc.) Leases have a term of three years (even if the contract is signed for a shorter period) and the tenant cannot, by law, leave the contract before the contract expires. The tenant usually pays the equivalent of two months` rent in the form of a deposit. This deposit is normally refunded at the end of the contract, provided there are no unpaid bills or damage to the property. If the tenant withdraws before the end of the lease, the landlord has the right to sue the tenant, although this is rare. However, the owner can keep the security deposit. In principle, any lease is valid. But if, over the years, financial conditions change (rents in the area become cheaper or more expensive), the courts have the power to adjust rents to a reasonable level, based on the evidence provided by both parties. Until 31.12.2013, an HLA was presented and verified by the land tax office and the tenant had only the obligation to sign the contract (the acceptance of HLA was thus concluded). Tenants wishing to move at the end of the contract must terminate at least one month before the contract expires.

There is an unspoken agreement that without them, their rent will continue. The Greek law on leases stipulates that the landlord is obliged to leave the property to the tenant during the period during which the tenancy agreement continues, without defect or defect. In addition, it is required to maintain the land suitable for the agreed use and to assume responsibility for the necessary repairs and all necessary work to maintain the leased property. It is expressly provided by law that taxes and charges related to the lease, charge the lessor, as well as all damages and expenses resulting from the usual use of the property; However, this may be prescribed in other way. The tenant agrees to pay the agreed rent on the agreed date or on time and to keep the Greek property in good condition and to use it for the agreed purposes. In case of defects and defects, the tenant has the right not to pay the rent or to demand the reduction.