Simple Source Code License Agreement

This source code licensing agreement is between [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.FirstName] (software provider) and [Licensee.FirstName] [Licensee.LastName] (licensed). 6.1 Licensing fee. In light of the section 2 licence fee, the purchaser must pay royalties or other considerations for the software, documentation and all derivatives as outlined in Schedule A. All amounts that must be paid by the underwriter must be paid into U.S. funds, without deducting taxes, expenses, expenses or royalties of any kind. The controls are due to the author and are forwarded to the Author`s Office as follows: This agreement and its exhibits contain the entire agreement and agreement between the parties that respect the purpose of this Agreement. This agreement can only be completed, amended, amended, unlocked or unloaded by an instrument signed, signed, modified, unlocked or unloaded by each duly authorized representative. All entries and titles of this agreement are used only for convenience purposes and do not affect the structure or interpretation of any of its provisions. The waiving of a party from a delay or violation of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of a provision of this agreement or a subsequent delay or violation of the same nature or other species. This initial inspection must be done with the source code in the original state. Any change or change to the source code is the licensee`s acceptance of the software.

The licenses granted can be used by the licensee as well as by all employees and subcontractors who provide services to the licensee. The licensing agreement assumes that the source code license is not subject to royalties. This can lead to a sufficient consideration issue. A nominal reflection clause is included in the proposal. Depending on how you treat the model, this clause can be useful in ensuring that you have an enforceable contract. If the licensee`s consideration to the taker is clear, you can remove the nominal counterparty clause. No conditions should be the disclosure of the authorized source code or the theft of the client computer for the termination of this agreement. 1.1 Derivatives are machine-readable object code or source code computer programs that have been developed or purchased by the licensee and are a modification, derivative or software-based extension.