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If it`s your wedding anniversary and you get a bespoke wedding dress or a tailored suit, will you order your outfit for the big day online – or will you find an experienced seamstress to help you make sure everything`s perfect? „Klaviyo`s robust data visualization tools allow us to quickly take a look at our campaign metrics and make game time decisions when we test or monitor our daily performance via email. We can also see if a user is active on our site, if they have looked at a product, if they have memorized a design, if they have written a fundraiser or if they have placed an order. We now have much more knowledge about what email does for our business. Signing up for the dashboard to see Flow by-Flow, campaign after campaign, revenue, revenue per beneficiary and show the real impact of our email marketing strategy is incredible. It`s so much easier to access and report on our data,“ Allyson said. Here`s a secret: you already have exactly what you need to compete with Custom Ink, and that`s something they`ll never be able to match. It`s customer service. Before you dive into a design studio, ask other store owners how often customers actually use their design studio. Understand the costs and costs associated with the tool. Look for your business and find out if a significant portion of your sales comes from small custom manufacturing. Teespring, a bespoke decoration company with amazing technology, has raised $55 million to create an amazing e-commerce platform for their customers, to design and sell online.

Custom Ink has a similar solution, and even with as much money fights teespring. Your company cannot compete directly with Custom Ink. But you have your own story, your own strengths and real benefits that customers can turn into brand supporters. Find the places you can win and offer real value – and hammer on those strengths! On the Custom Ink website, customers can provide their emails at many stages of their journey, and the brand then collects information about each customer they use to create segments. „We are very much looking forward to testing the increase in frequencies and walking frequencies, and we believe Klaviyo will help us unlock much more data on our target groups so that we can respond differently. We previously had our own segmentation plan that we did based on orders, but Klaviyo will help us release more of what our users are using with them and their future value as well. I look forward to the new features of the product and how we can use them to attract new customers. „E-mail is often seen as a recurring business manager for existing customers, but I think there`s a way to use things like behavior when searching for abandonment to attract new customers to the top of the funnel,“ Allyson said. As a fast-growing brand, Custom Ink needs a better way to store and access a robust amount of data quickly, and then use that data to make smart, agile and timely marketing decisions. In addition, it took a simple way to design and deliver large-scale e-mail marketing experiences that would appeal to its customers.