Video Game Non Disclosure Agreement

Before testing the game, we recommend asking for an example of the publisher`s contract in order to understand all the clauses of the publication contract. This way, you can be fully aware of the publisher`s revenue model and the rights you have to your IP address if you enter into a full contract. However, be careful with publishers who may refuse to provide a sample of contract information, as it may be a small red flag that will later indicate the overall transparency of the company. Follow us on or sign up for our weekly email newsletter here. is disclosed by the receptive party in order to satisfy the legal request of a competent court or state agency; Provided that the receiving party informs the public party prior to disclosure, so that the public party has the opportunity to defend, restrict or protect that disclosure, and that the receiving party only divules the party receiving the confidential information that is legally necessary for disclosure, and that the recipient party does everything in its power to obtain a protection decision or any other reliable assurance that the confidential information that must be disclosed is treated confidentially; or to ensure full transparency in your working partnership, make sure you have full access to your game`s analysis and revenue. While it may seem obvious, not all publishers offer this transparent approach and it can leave many developers in the dark about how their game works and unclaimed revenue. If you decide to continue with a publisher that doesn`t give you full access to both of these areas, be careful. What kind of use should you use? If possible, use a reciprocal NDA. Since both parties exchange confidential information, a reciprocal NOA gives both parties influence over the agreement. If one party breaks the NDA, the other party could share sensitive information in retaliation. Imagine it`s „You share my secret, I share yours“ from the N.D.A. [This contribution is reproduced by You can talk to Jas via Twitter:] Unfortunately, in this industry, there is no 100% guarantee that your game will not be copied by another developer, studio or publisher as soon as it is live on the App Store.